The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

About the Informational Infrastructure Profile of the Scientific Township Borok

V.A. Tselmovitch, A.L. Mazaletskaya

Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Yaroslavl State University

Today three Russian Academy of Sciences establishments are functioning in the scientific township Borok, where the complex automation of scientific activities and social sector functioning is needed. We mean the building of systems, which provide interaction of information systems of different levels. It is proposed to solve this task within the frameworks of the township Informational Infrastructure(II) profile development. It is planned to create II for solving wide range tasks in ecology, biology, geophysics, including environmental monitoring, developing of unified methods for data collecting and treatment, theoretical and experimental researches. Simultaneously it is necessary to solve social tasks at a new level: distant education and telemedicine, ecological monitoring. Profile building is planned on the basis of modern and prospective standards composing the essence of Open Systems technologies. At the first stage the subject areas analysis was carried out by the IEEE procedure.

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