The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"


V.V. Khrechko

Internet-portal "Architecture of Russia" (

The first version of a research database on a history of architecture of Russia is developed by the group of historians of architecture of the portal in 1999-2002.

Since 1998 the portal "Architecture of Russia" ( gives to its users a wide spectrum of the regularly updated information on Russian architecture (News, Architectural criticism, Catalogue of architectural Monuments, Dictionary of terms, Links, Photogallery etc.). The association of modern and historical problematics in a combination with everyday updates allows to support a constant interest of professional audience and to provide its forward growth.

The information system developed by has some specific features. This system is devoted to historical studies of architecture and it is designed for the professionals in this domain. An especial attention is given to the sources of the historical information, and also to the hypothesis and debatable questions. So, this system is not oriented to serve for one theory but it is called to describe all existing theories. There are especial units for the description of the bibliography, graphic lists, art objects etc., which permit not only to enlarge the information about an architectural monument but to make it more advanced then in numerous existing Russian architectural databases. The product is designed for historians of Russian architecture, postgraduates and students.

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