The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Organization on the basis of Academic Gymnasium of St.Petersburg State University of the combined (distant / full day) system of educational and research activities of high-school students in remote regions

S.P. Zelenin, S.S. Pivovarov

St.Petersburg State University

The application of the IT achievements to education and accumulated experience of work with the high-school students in the regions remote from educational and scientific centers allow us to consider the new combined (distant/full day) system of activating educational and research activities of students in these regions on the basis of Academic Gymnasium. The new system described in the paper would allow to create the more complete databases of gifted high-school students and teachers, better opportunities for early professional orientation of students irrespective of their training level and place of residence, to increase the number of Olympiads and Tournaments winners as well as scientific conferences participants among students from regional schools.

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