The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

University computer club as the form of organisation of youth leisure

J.A. Volkov, I.A. Sazanova

St.Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences

In connection with fast development of information technologies for the increasing number of people, mainly young, the Internet becomes a usual inhabitancy. It causes prompt occurrence of various sorts of structures the primary goal of which is the organisation of leisure of the "computerized" youth.

One of forms of the organization of youth leisure are computer clubs. The basic purpose of computer club is not only the organization of leisure of youth, but also formation of stable collective on the basis of a generality of hobby for information technologies. It leads to creation of clubs on interests. Some of them unite fans of network games, in this case it is possible to do with only local network, without the Internet, others - fans of web-design, and then the Internet is obligatory, etc.

The general management of club is carried out by the president who is supported by the initiative group of the club members. The supreme body of the club is general meeting of all members of the club on which the board and the president are selected. The club members accept the Charter of club regulating the rights and duties of the club members. The assembly discusses and develops the proved wishes on maintenance of necessary conditions of activity of the club.

Employees of program-maintenance service of Department of information technologies carry out organizational and technical maintenance of computer club.

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