The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Possibilities for Using the Internet as an Educational Medium

N.V. Kurmyshev, N.N. Semchuk, D.Ia. Postelnik

Novgorod State University
Novgorod the Great

The teachers of our university created some electronic textbooks for high school students. These textbooks show the dynamic process, which students are often not able to see at the time of in-class lessons. Electronic textbooks can show these processes on a computer monitor. The effectiveness of the education process, of course, will depend not only on the teacher's ability to use the Internet, but also on, for instance, visits to a zoological museum, excursions on an ecological path or taking part in a research process. The Internet can be a very effective instrument in the hands of a good teacher for achieving high results from the educational process. We need to take into account the technological capabilities of the school, the optimal balance of physical and psychological workload in keeping with the age of the students. One thing is absolute - the use of the Internet in the educational process is not only possible, but necessary.

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