The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

University Web-resource of Aerospace education

E.B. Kudashev, N.I. Kalenova, A.D. Balashov, .N. Filonov

Space Research Institute RAS

It is attractive to use the Russian Satellite Remote Sensing Data and WWW as an integrative medium for distant learning in Earth Observation Education. Creation of this inter-university network resource pursues the following goals: provision of remote access to electronic information resources of satellite environmental monitoring for the university community; development of geoinformation technologies for satellite data processing and their introduction into Earth sciences through distant e-learning based on supercomputer systems. The basis for information resources of distant learning system is formed by: development of user interface for the Internet access; development of the IKI Web Server and installation of education resources on the Web Server; information services and support for the distant learning system. Website being developed is a set of software and hardware that includes a Database Server, a Web Server and the means for their interaction. This software and hardware set allows creating an efficient system of presentation for an Earth Observation Education and Training System.

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