The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Model of a professional computer-based educational database in Russian Phonetics (towards new methodology of the learning environment)

G.E. Kedrova

Moscow State University

The purpose of the presentation is to analyze the concept of computer-based learning environment and to submit guidelines for building up an Internet-based learning environment in Russian Phonetics. One of the main findings in this analysis is the reason that the learning environment resides on multimedia computer-based hypertextual educational database. The main body of the database has in all cases the modular structure. Each module incorporates hypertextually linked theoretical knowledge, illustrative vocabulary of real language usage with brief comments to any item. The whole system is extremely effective while based upon special collection of indexed and annotated vocabulary entries. Each item corresponds to bi- or multi-directional semantic contrasts on the phonetic level of Russian language. The intrinsic purpose of the article thus is to present the guidelines of creating an adequate educational-oriented database for every linguistic phenomena. An example of a corresponding implementation for the Russian phonetics is exposed (

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