The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Internet in Educational Process (Experience of Use)

B.S. Ishkhanov, E.J. Kabin

Moscow State University

General Nuclear Physics chair of Physical Faculty has created a thematic site "Nuclear physics in the Internet" ( The first task, was a support of a general course "Physics of a nucleus and particles", delivered in classical universities. Materials of a site in particular are used at modernization of a lecture course. Necessary materials are published synchronously with readable lectures. There are, also tasks with solutions, working up of the seminars, materials for deep study of the subject ("Nucleosynthesis in the Universe", "Nuclear Models", "Exotic Nuclei", etc.) and other materials related to nuclear and particle physics.

Publications allow on the fly reacting to requirements of educational process. Some publications have no hardcopy versions or small circulation. Materials of the site are actively used by students and instructors of the physical faculty of Moscow State University and other universities. Maxima of visits are observed during sessions. For one year the quantity of visitors has grown more than five times.

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