The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

The Remote Course Generally Logical and Formally Logical Methods of Knowledge for the system of improvement of Teachers Qualifications

V.A. Durasov, Z.A. Dulatova

Irkutsk Institute of Improvement of Teachers Qualifications
Irkutsk Pedagogical University

Thanks to the support of the Institute "Open Society" (Fund of Soros) the course "Generally Logical and Formally Logical Methods of Knowledge" is being worked out and aims at the development of methodological procedures in study of different objects and phenomena.

The course is supposed to be a part of a special course "Information Technologies". It takes into account different general subjects and is put on a program on further teachers training irrespective of grade and type of education (special secondary, higher pedagogical, including primary and also higher non-pedagogical).

The distant form of the course is meant for deciding a number of problems the Institute meets so far which are connected with specific features of the region.

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