The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Using the Internet for the university education of economists

T.V. Bobrovskaya

Altai State University

The far-distance education is a university education technology of the information society. One of the development trends of the education market in Russia is the strengthening co-ordination of the regional institutions of higher education in the field of the educational processes at the basis of new information technologies.

A specific feature of this process is the use of this technology mainly in the fundamental faculties. At the same time the system of economic education is standing behind of the demands of the Internet as well as of the intensive developing web-technologies. That concerns not only to the university education but also the continuing education and higher steps university education of economists.

The role of the Internet for the university education of economists is considered twice: at first as a way to the economic thinking of the future specialists and second as an instrument of development of the far-distance education.

Discussed are the problems preventing the introduction of new information technologies in the process of the university education of economists as well as ways to solve them within the region. As basic problems are stressed: the elaboration of a concept of a regional educational network with a specific block of economic university education, the establishment of a virtual economic university in the region that is included into the Russian Portal of open education, the creation of consortia and associations of the regional institutions of higher education for the common elaboration and realisation of programmes of far-distance economic education and other.

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