The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Requirements to basic set of educational portals services and implementation techniques

A.Z. Babinsky, A.A. Bukatov, V.A. Shapiro, O.V. Sharoiko

Rostov State University

The requirements to basic set of services of educational portals are discussed and techniques of these services implementation are suggested. A portal services (external) are program means accessible via portal external interface (and, probably, via some internal interfaces) and providing to different kinds of portal users some convenient tools to operate by provided informational resources. Internal services are those accessible by the others services only. The set of educational portals external services includes different information retrieval services, the users interactive communication services, the service for user profile management, services for personification of the users individual or corporative portal, service for monitoring of different kind portal activities and some others. The set of internal services includes service for informational resources export/import to/from the others existing educational Web sites, authentification and authorization services etc. The implementation of the mentioned set of services should be scalable, the way of the all existing and some probable services integration should be provided. The portal architecture is suggested providing both scalability and integration possibilities. This architecture is based on independent distributed services communicating via XML messages. The details of this architecture are discussed.

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