The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

System of higher education in the information society

A.A. Andreev, Y.B. Rubin

Moscow State University of Economics, Statistic and Informatics (MESI)

In this article we show that there are two essential factors that influence the modern system of higher education. These factors are globalization and informatization. The result of this is the normal development of existing system of higher education into a system, which is not yet thoroughly studied and it can be called a system of open education (SOE). In this work peculiarities and characteristic features of SOL, a system, which is very much alike the information society, are analysed.

It is substantiated a statement that the effective functioning of system of higher education must be based on two blocks of principles. First (priority) includes methodological and pedagogical principles, second is a Technological block based on principles of building and Functioning of open information systems.

The heart of the educational process in SOE is the Internet education, not always correctly called on-line education. Contact learning is also used in SOE in optimal proportions.

It is marked that inside SOE it takes place an intensive formation and development of corporate (inside firm) systems of education, which by their scale already have surpassed famous national systems of education today.

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