The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

The control of knowledge in distance education: aspects of a problem

L.I. Aleshin

Russian State Humanitarian University

Students' knowledge, skill and the skills revealed in the higher education institutions are formalized as five of mark estimations.

The subjectivity of an estimation of knowledge is present in any system.

It is unessential to estimate results of activity education in numbers, which can not high-grade to reflect their knowledge, skills and skills.

In remote education it is enough easily to realize the control of knowledge in a mode of-line, fixing all tasks which are carried out by the students similar to a method of an estimation of knowledge - "pass a test / not pass a test".

For all educational disciplines all students accomplish all tasks. The tasks, executed by the student in the machine-readable form are compared with materials stored in the data base.

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