The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

User-oriented analyzer of academic network performance and reliability

I.V. Vanin, A.Yu. Glebovsky

St.Petersburg State University
St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University

A syndrome of network dependence and vulnerability becomes characteristic to academic and research activities of individuals, institutions and distributed collaborative workgroups. Dependability of services becomes a critical factor. A laboratory LAN is typically connected to the Internet via intermediate corporate, academic and provider networks presenting a chain of potential hazards. Level of service agreements and ensuing responsibilities are rendered useless for client organizations unless performance and reliability of each link along the chain en route to IX is continuously under assessment and results of tests are collected in a database and available on-demand for analysis and reporting. Since end-users and client organization do not have access to managerial databases and log files on systems in external and provider networks, an independent service for remote per-hop performance estimation is the only solution. The presented project aims to provide such service. A multi-purpose WAN performance analyzer Netscope has been developed and is in test operation on ROKSON regional network backbone since 01/01/2001. Netscope implementation, functionality, features and improvement plans are discussed. The project is supported by RFBR grant 00-07-90298.

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