The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

The problem of the involving oriental studies to World Wide Web

I.G. Tikhonova

Institute of Oriental Studies, St.Petersburg Branch

This report is devoted to the problems of the involving oriental studies to the WWW. The Internet for orientalists makes science discussion more easy and much more complicate, but researchers face with some especial problems. It is necessary to point out such positions - multilanguage's and multiarea's researchers, difficulties to work out the common description of the writing monuments (manuscripts, xylographs and other). Some special tools for Internet make on-line work friendly for oriental studies. One of them is on-line translation system, which can be used for translation web-sites, E-mail messages. The paper contains information about famous companies and products. A lot of information data-bases exist now in different centres of oriental studies. To develop Internet space for oriental studies we have to cooperate with colleagues from other branch of science, to coordinate our work.

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