The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Electronic conference is a new option in the Internet-system PASS

A.V. Sadym, A.A. Lagunin, D.A. Filimonov, V.V. Poroikov

V.N. Orechovich Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of Russian Academia of Medical Science

We developed the Internet-system "PASS", that based on the program PASS, which predicts the biological activities spectrum. Prediction is carried out on the basis of structural formula of chemical compound, and covers 783 different kinds of biological activity. It is possible to use the system at the site, where user can read the information about PASS, register and make prediction for the compounds of interest. Recently we developed the electronic conference, where users can create the new theme for discussion, reply on the messages and create new message. When user came to the site, his session is initialized. User can create his messages as a registered one and as anonymous one. The fields "From" and "Email" are session's data, and therefore users shouldn't enter theirs every time. The main problems for discussing are the computer prediction and experimental testing of biological activity.

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