The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Internet Encyclopedic Dictionary on Computer Graphics and Multimedia

S.A. Popov, Y.I. Tarasov

Novgorod State University
Veliky Novgorod

Information Technology (IT) is becoming a part of human culture and the parlance of IT is becoming a part of national language. The most popular software is being developed in English and though the programs are usually translated into national languages the problem still remains. During the programs localization the terms' uniformity is not observed and even in the same program different words are often used for the same term. An on-line English-Russian illustrated explanatory dictionary on computer graphics, animation, multimedia, and CAD has been developed ( to facilitate education and deeper understanding of the main concepts of IT. Created on the basis of HTML technology and provided with many illustrations this explanatory dictionary contains more than 500 thematic articles, which explain the most important and widely used notions of computer science, Internet, computer graphics, multimedia, and CAD and give examples of the term application.

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