The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Co-Evolution and the Scientific Community in the Internet

S.A. Piyavsky

Samara State Academy of Architecture and Civil Building

As a development of N. Moyiseev's idea a dynamic model of a scientific community is proposed, that insures the co-evolution of the man and the biosphere in the Internet. The main subjects of the model are the world, the knowledge, the personalities, the researchers, the projects, and the problems. It includes 12 local mathematical models, which may be used on the first stage to build a complete system of the scientific community existence, such as: the "student-scientific supervisor" pair in the solution of the stream of scientific problems, the scientific community in the solution of the stream of scientific problems, the attraction of the scientific community to the creation of the world exposure projects.

The models use the mechanism of common differential equations, the methods of optimization and optimal control, solution-making in the conditions of uncertainty, and the Internet-projecting.

The strategy of step-by-step Internet-project realization is suggested, that is aimed at the enlargement of the model into a global system of guided scientific community functioning to support co-evolution of the man and the biosphere.

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