The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Information system for international scientific collaboration in ATLAS project

N.V. Klopov, S.B. Oleshko, Yu.F. Ryabov

St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics institute RAS

The report is devoted to the development of information system for the control of the production of complex physical equipment. It consists of a set of distributed databases and information WWW servers. First-level local databases (LDB) are created and maintained on every workstation under MS Access. Second-level databases - regional databases are maintained on the servers of each institute involved into project. Internet protocols are used for data exchange between databases. Each WWW server has the similar structure and uses the same server software.

Data stored in databases can be presented on the pages of WWW sites in a graphical and tabular form. Most of the pages have the possibility to define the search criteria for the database requests. Alongside with the data presentation, WWW site is used for data loading to databases and for automatic creation and dispatching of reports to registered users by E-mail. Periodicity and content of the reports are adjusted by the user himself and are stored in database too.

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