The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Media translations of live events over the global Internet

V.A. Kapranov, S.A. Gorokhov, S.V. Kashin

Yaroslavl State university
Yaroslavl State medical Academy

Effective remote participation in live event needs for the admitter to get all the principal information streams, not only the audio and video components but also graphics (presentations slides) and text components with dynamic URL links. Special techniques were adopted and realized by the authors to enable transmission of all these streams as distinct RealMedia isochronous streams in-synchro. The final information field of the live event is synthesized in viewarea of RealPlayer. The most valuable events translated (and archived) in such a way were Forum "Internet in Russia - the end of the XXth century" (Yaroslavl, June 2001; 2.5 hours archive is at rtsp:// and Session of the National Gastroschool (Yaroslavl, April 2002; 4.5 archive is at rtsp:// For the second event the Internet auditorium consolidated about 500 participants throughout the country; video/audio streams were encoded as 120 Kbps in scalable manner, graphics stream was 30 Kbps RealPix and text stream was 2 Kbps RealText with URLs included. Remote participants asked questions and commented the event via E-mail, they were answered lively.

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