The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

From search systems towards informational modeling of discourse in the Internet environment

L.Yu. Ismailova, S.V. Kosikov

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)
Institute of Actual Education

A wide spread of search engines allows to find easily concrete information but does not help to retrieve data for solving problem in problem areas with different types of dynamics - dynamics in problem area itself, dynamics in consideration on problem area and dynamics in technological tools. Such problem areas require development of specialized modeling tools. One of these areas is legal regulation of human activity.

Perspective approach to this task consists in using mathematical methods. The most effective solution seems to be construction of hierarchy of specialized abstract machines. This work presents a version of such machine definition for training of decision support in problem area of author's rights. Also operational semantics of abstract machine is presented. This semantics allows establishing desired properties of informational system.

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