The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Editing semistructured data by the language of description of the ProXForms forms

E.E. Dolgalev

Moscow State University

Recently the extensive researches connected with questions of management semistructured data have been carried out. The occurrence of standard XML greatly influenced the works on management semistructured data. The tendency to change the existing systems and create new ones for work with semistructured data in format XML has appeared. In the report the mechanism of editing of XML-data by the language of the description of forms ProXForms (developed by the author) is offered. The language allows to describe the complex multipage forms and edit any type of data. The program complex on the basis of the given language accompanies an interaction of the client and the server during a whole cycle of data editing: checks a correctness of the entered data and controls of the navigation on pages. In the article the features of ProXForms approach are discussed, prospects of ProXForms use in a problem of integration of corporate information resources, e.g. in Moscow State University are considered.

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