The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Archaeological research project informational system with support for expert workgroups collaboration over the Internet

.V. Chugunov, .Yu. Glebovsky, P.M. Leus, M.V. Molchanova

The State Hermitage Museum
St.Petersburg State University

The report presents an IT project launched in 2002 to facilitate research following discovery of a "royal" grave of the Scythian period in Arzhan-2 burial mound in Tuva by a joint Russo-German archaeological expedition headed by K. Chugunov (the State Hermitage), H. Parzinger and A. Nagler (DAI). Results of ongoing fieldwork call for inter-disciplinary research by specialists of diverse scientific domains. The project aims to create web-based informational and communicational media for virtual groups of experts and scientists involved in restoration and processing of the extracted material allowing for collaboration embracing specialists of natural, humanitarian and social sciences. In addition to pages with commonly available general information professional groups will be able to maintain specific informational domains under restricted multilevel access with topical news, task oriented forums and other dedicated services managed/moderated over the Web. The services are under design and implementation in the ICAPE (SPb University). The project is supported by RFH grant 02-01-12014.

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