The scientific conference "INTERNET AND MODERN SOCIETY - 2002"

Management of shared bibliography lists at the North-West Russia regional mirror of RFBR Digital Library

N.V. Borisov, V.A. Kapustin

St.Petersburg State University

High quality bibliography is essential in distance learning and in development of virtual research teams. We have chosen to use Russian Foundation for Basic Research Digital Library (RFBR DL) as the principal source of the bibliography. The next important requirement for high quality bibliography - employment of instruments, which support accountable maintenance of the bibliography lists. The latter requires authentication of users and proper rights management. The system for the bibliography lists support, which is under development at the Interdisciplinary Center of St.Petersburg State University uses the traditional scheme of rights. The author of a list is the owner of the list; he/she manages access to the list and/or can grant the administrative privileges to any other person registered in the system. The bibliography references are transferred from RFBR DL web pages with a simple JavaScript program. The server side of the system is implemented in Perl with DB2.

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