All-Russian scientific conference
"e-Government in the Information Society: Theory and Practice"


N.A. Lutova, T.V. Tyapukhina

Medical Information & Analysis Center of Samara Regional Administration Department of Medical Care

The history of e-Government technology applications in the public health services system goes back to the beginning of the 90-ties, when the Regional medical information network (RMIN) was founded. The creation of a computer network has allowed to transfer the necessary administrative information to the remote areas of Samara region, to receive answers to inquiries, statistical reports, reports under administrative decisions in hospitals. Organization of fido-net conference for physicians has formed a basis of electronic discussions about increasing of professional standards for physicians and governing bodies in the system of public health services.

In 1997 the rapid introduction of the Internet-technologies began. The Internet has come to workplaces of state employees and allowed them to get access to the international information resources.

A specialized medical site ( was created in 1998. Site sections are used for informing experts of public health services on the accepted administrative decisions in Samara region.

At present, the electronic documents circulation between authorities and both state and commercial hospitals became habitual. The passing of electronic bills between hospitals and medical insurance companies àre regulated by a number of the statutes accepted in the territory of Samara Region. The electronic bill is the legal ground for decision-making on payment of accounts, thus terms of decision-making were greatly reduced.

On the Medical Care Department's site visitors may ask the local medical authorities, receive the answer and expect for problem-solving of the given questions.

Civil servants of public health care services can organize discussions with the help of this site or by E-mail (for example, the discussion concerned the Concepts of public health care system information,

Free E-mail consultations with physicians are held with the help of the site (teleconsultation section).

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