All-Russian scientific conference
"e-Government in the Information Society: Theory and Practice"


V.E. Ivanov

Government of the Russian Federation, Information Department

In June, 2002 the new version of an official site of the Government of the Russian Federation ( was opened. The amount of information on a site of the Government of Russia has dramatically increased. Users of this site can use the information of the section "Normative documents", which now contains more than 20 thousand of the acts of the Government of the Russian Federation. The information about hundreds of sites of federal, regional and local authorities of the Russian Federation in section "Catalogue of network information resources" is submitted.

New section "Interactive services" represents the big interest, providing a feedback of citizens with the government. Every user can make official electronic request to the government. The opportunity for realization of press conferences and discussions is introduced now.

The biggest problem today is processing and using of the results, which were received in discussions. Technologies of socially focused management, which provide more differentiated analysis of investigated groups of respondents, have shown good result. This method assumes study of the respondents not only on social-demographic characteristics. The basic subject of the study becomes a social-cultural feature (an orientation of interests of the person) and social -mental characteristic (skills of the person to perceive and interpret adequately the text coming from communicator, his desire and skill to participate during the communications).

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