All-Russian scientific conference
"e-Government in the Information Society: Theory and Practice"


V. I. Drozhzhinov

e-Government Competence Center administered by the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia

Spectacular advances in information technology, and especially the Internet, have dramatically changed the daily relationships between people, businesses and government in the new economies. E-Government has emerged as a discipline itself, aimed at refining the interaction between governments and business, community and in particular citizens. Some low- and middle-income countries already have the needed technological environment in place, while others must start nearly from scratch. There are already successful E-Government services in some countries with demand expected to increase dramatically. E-Government is about opportunity. Opportunity to transform a public sector organization's commitment in order to function as citizen-centric. Opportunity to provide cost effective services to the private sector contributing to the development of business and promoting long-term economic growth. And opportunity to enhance governance through improved access to accurate information and transparent, responsive and democratic institutions.

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